David Grant giving a singing lesson


Carrie and David are International Vocal Coaches with a Worldwide best-selling book, worldwide best-selling vocal coaching course and UK No. 1 DVD.

They have taken all they have learned from being Award-winning singers in the industry and made a triangle of learning – solid vocal/performance coaching (including vocal health), Industry experience and Mentoring. They understand the requirements for every environment and every genre. They have worked with some of the leading artists in the world including Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Lovato, The Spice Girls, Take That, Will Young, Lemar and Charlotte Church.

Their TV and Radio work includes being Judges and Coaches on BBC 1’s Fame Academy, ITV’s Pop Idol, Gospel Choir of the Year, Chorister of the Year, Teenstar and Open Mic.

They have prepared singers for all kinds of settings. From record company showcase prep to The Country Music Awards in Nashville. From intimate club dates to stadium tours and from one-off live TV and radio performances to West End shows. Covering every genre from opera to heavy metal and all points in between.

Lessons are for professionals and non-professionals, those who consider themselves to be singers and those who don’t.

A lesson consists of technique, exercises to reinforce the technique, transferring the technique onto songs, performance skills and also discovering your own unique sound.


Carrie and David have led masterclasses for organisations, universities, music colleges, festivals and choirs. Coaching is tailored to the specific needs of the group.


Carrie and David have arranged hundreds of sessions and vocal sections, and also have produced the vocals for many of the artists they coach.