Carrie and David have been working with executives from companies and organisations around the world for the past seventeen years. Their work covers the areas of Change Management, Team Building, Personal Leadership Brand and Emotional Intelligence.

One thing all companies can guarantee is that over the years change will come. For whatever reason, whether due to market forces, competition, legislation or simply growth, every business and organisation needs the ability to evolve. How do leaders in these areas successfully navigate transition?

Carrie and David take music and use it to bring a fresh approach to leadership and team building. They touch on “attitudes to change,” the innovation needed to “stay ahead of the game,” the passion required from the top downwards to lead others and how to successfully communicate a vision. They also look at the value of the individual - in a results orientated business environment people need the occasional reminder they are “human beings” and not “human doings.”

Carrie and David lead their sessions with great passion teaching the participants how to sing. Whilst the aim is never to single out or humiliate, the experience is still confrontational but in a positive way. Taking people out of their comfort zones can often lead to cutting through status and conflict issues. How do people react to having to sing? Do they feel out of their depth? Do they find this experience an opportunity or a threat? Even this initial reaction can help people begin to analyse how they and their teams react to change. How passionate are they about their work? If they have no passion how can others around them (whether colleagues or customers) be expected to believe in the company’s vision? How can teams work together to both innovate and implement a vision successfully?

Carrie and David suggest the answers to all of these questions by using singing as a metaphor. They coach from 8 to 1,000 people in either a training setting or an entertainment event.