Did you know that over half of Brit’s suffer a sore throat when run down and 3.8 million Brit’s miss work due to a sore throat!


 So if you’re struck with a hoarse voice, try these simple tips to keep your voice healthy this winter:

  1. The glands covering your vocal cords under-or over-produce mucus when you’ve got a sore throat. So drink plenty of room temperature water
  2. Help soothe your throat while taking care of your voice with menthol confectionery. Delicious Jakemans sweets are not only suitable for veggies but free from artificial colours and flavours too!
  3. Speak clearly if your throat’s sore. Pushing your voice lengthens the recovery period, and whispering forces the vocal cords together, making them more inflamed
  4. Avoid air-conditioned areas – they dry out the vocal cords. If you’re not at home and start to feel sore, Jakemans new stick pack is a handy way to enjoy menthol on the move
  5. Get plenty of sleep and don’t smoke or consume dairy
  6. Boil up a pan of water with honey, fresh lemon and fresh ginger and drink warm